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The Tulsa Higher Education Consortium defines a Community of Practice (CoP) as “a group of people who share a similar role, a common set of challenges, or an interest in a topic and who collaborate to fulfill shared goals.” The three elements that make up a CoP are a community that facilitates interactions (such as discussions, collaborative activities, and relationship building); a shared domain of interest (such as student support or workforce partnerships); and a shared practice of experiences, stories, tolls and was of addressing challenges related to higher education. While some CoPs are strategic, with a clear end goal or project, others are organic, with a primary focus on relationship building and information sharing.

Communities of Practice serve a primary role of collaboration with THE Consortium and help drive innovation and strategy among member institutions. Through regular cooperation and communication, THE Consortium’s Communities of Practice enable educational, operational, and fiscal advantages made possible through wide-spread collaboration. Additionally, this approach enables higher education professionals to develop and share expertise to foster an environment of knowledge-sharing and problem-solving.

Current Communities of Practice

Admissions & Enrollment International Student Services Marketing & Communications
Institutional Research & Assessment Career Services Disability Services & Access
FAFSA + Financial Aid Academic Advising Student Wellbeing
LGBTQ+ Support and Resources