Learn about Tulsa-area organizations that provide financial guidance to future and current students.

Tulsa Financial Empowerment Center

Tulsa college students, family, and friends, can take advantage of the City of Tulsa’s Financial Counseling program through the Financial Empowerment Center (FEC).  Students can receive unlimited professional financial counseling from certified counselors at no cost. Sessions are tailored to what each student needs and can take place in person, virtually or over the phone.  Financial counselors can work with students to help create a budget, finding safe and affordable bank accounts, reducing student or credit card debt, improving credit or establishing credit, and much more. FEC Counselors have already helped clients work on goals such as buying a house, starting a business, reducing credit card debts, and have helped individuals save more than $60,000 and reduce debt by more than $50,000.

To request an appointment fill out the online form at https://bit.ly/TulsaFEC or call (918) 802-7279. For more information about the FEC visit www.cityoftulsa.org/FEC

Oklahoma Money Matters (OKMM) is a personal finance education program that helps K-12 schools, higher education campuses, businesses and community partners develop or expand educational services that empower Oklahomans to make positive financial choices.

An initiative of the Oklahoma College Assistance Program and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education since 2004, OKMM offers information, resources, and a variety of services to educate students, adults and families about managing personal finances, saving, consumer credit, financial aid and student loan management.

OKMM also participates in and supports financial literacy projects, professional meetings and statewide conferences hosted by a wide variety of organizations, including the Oklahoma Jump$tart Coalition, of which OKMM was a founding member.

What can OKMM do for you? We offer a variety of free services. Visit our Services page to learn more or download our Press Kit.

Young People of the Next Generation is a Tulsa area nonprofit and a Registered Partner with Tulsa Public Schools whose mission is to increase the number of TPS graduates who get a postsecondary education and show them how to pay for it without having to take out student loans.  Going to a two- or four-year college or getting advanced vocational training is critical. The OK Regents for Higher Education project that by 2028, 75% of the newly created jobs in Oklahoma will require additional education and training beyond high school compared to 50% today. Visit the YPNG website: https://ypng.co/ 

Speaks4You, Inc.

Speaks4You, Inc. provides scholarship guides and financial training specific to planning for higher education.