The Tulsa Higher Education Consortium is part of the Tulsa Community Foundation. Its Advisory Board of Directors consists of full members and affiliate members. Full members are higher-education institutions with two voting seats on the board, appointed by the presidents of each member institution. Affiliate members—regional and statewide partners committed to advancing higher education in the Tulsa region—have one voting seat.  

Higher Education Institutions (Full Members):

Langston University, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, Rogers State University, Tulsa Community College, and the University of Tulsa. 

Affiliate Organizations:

Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce, City of Tulsa, ImpactTulsa, Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education, Schusterman Family Philanthropies, Tulsa Community Foundation, Tulsa Regional Chamber.

College and University Presidents 

Dr. Kent Smith, President, Langston University 

Dr. Steve Turner, President, Northeastern State University 

Dr. Johnny Stephens, Interim President, Oklahoma State University-Tulsa 

Dr. James Sluss, Interim President, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa 

Dr. Larry Rice, President, Rogers State University 

Dr. Leigh B. Goodson, President, Tulsa Community College 

Brad Carson, President, University of Tulsa 

Advisory Board Leadership 

Chair: Dr. Susan Johnson, OSU-Tulsa 

Vice Chair: Dr. Pamela Fly, Northeastern State University 

Secretary: Dr. Rich Beck, Rogers State University 

Institutional Member Board Representatives: 

Dr. Dytisha Davis, Langston University

Dr. Emily Patterson-Harris, Langston University

Dr. Pamela Fly, Northeastern State University

Dr. Jerrid Freeman, Northeastern State University

Dr. Susan Johnson, OSU-Tulsa

Susan Tolbart, OSU-Tulsa

Dr. Jim Sluss, OU-Tulsa

Krista Pettersen, OU-Tulsa

Dr. Rich Beck, Rogers State University

Dr. Mary Millikin, Rogers State University

Dr. Angela Sivadon, Tulsa Community College

Emily Tichenor, Tulsa Community College

Dr. Robin Ploeger, University of Tulsa

Tom Adelson, University of Tulsa

Affiliate Member Board Representatives:

Amber Miller, Broken Arrow Chamber

Jack Neely, City of Tulsa

Michael DuPont, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies

Carlisha Williams Bradley, ImpactTulsa

Dr. Rachel Bates, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Mike Dodson, Tulsa Community Foundation

Rue Ramsey, Tulsa Regional Chamber