The Transfer Touchpoints Mentor Program creates the opportunity for personal growth, peer connection, and academic success within a diverse and thriving transfer community. College presents many challenges, both academically and socially. Transfer Touchpoints was created to connect community college students from Tulsa Community College and the College of Muscogee Nation to mentors at a Tulsa-area university. Community college students who choose to join the Transfer Touchpoints Program are paired with a student, staff/faculty, or alumni mentor to help ease the transition to their chosen university. Mentors work with community college students in the following three areas: leadership development, academic support, and social engagement.

  • Receive One-on-one Guidance: Receive personalized support and guidance from an experienced mentor who has been through what you are navigating (student, alumni, or faculty). 
  • Smoother Transfer Transition: Promote a seamless transfer experience by having a knowledgeable mentor by your side to answer questions and connect you with important resources.
  • Increase your Confidence: Build the confidence you need to navigate your new university
  • Academic success: Improve academic performance and chances of earning your degree by leveraging your mentor’s guidance and expertise.
  • Expand your network: Expand your professional network by connecting with your mentor, and other mentees.
  • Help Make a Difference: Guide mentees through the transfer process. Studies show that students who have a mentor are more likely to earn their degree.
  • Develop your leadership skills: Mentor students and share your knowledge and experience while cultivating your leadership abilities.
  • Build Your Network: Connect with dozens of other mentors and mentees in the program to expand your professional network.
  • Gain Valuable Experience: Improve your communication and problem-solving skills through meaningful interactions with your mentee. 
  • Give Back: Contribute to your university community by supporting the next generation of leaders and mentors, especially students who are where you were not too long ago.

Leadership Development

Mentors provide guidance related to leadership opportunities on campus, including service-learning, student organizations, mentorship across campus, and other academically and personally beneficial forms of campus engagement focused on developing leadership skills.

Academic Support

Mentors can help new transfer students discover important campus departments. Mentors serve as a personal guide through the challenges of adjusting to the academic rigor of college life. If mentors don’t have an answer right away, don’t worry, they will find it!

Social Engagement

Mentors can help new transfer students connect to campus activities and resources to accommodate their specific needs and goals. Since mentors have attended, are currently attending, or work at the university, they provide mentees with an “insiders view” of campus.

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For any questions, comments, or concerns, please email the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium Staff at [email protected].