Explore your degree options in Tulsa 

Use the Degree Pathways Search Tool (that big search bar just below) to find bachelor’s degree opportunities that have a current TCC transfer map or are available in Tulsa at a Tulsa Higher Education Consortium University.  

What’s a transfer map?  

A transfer map is a semester-by-semester guide created by TCC and a university showing the recommended courses for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program. Students should be able to follow this seamless transfer map to earn a degree with minimal credit loss. These maps help you plan your pathway to an undergraduate degree in Tulsa.  

  1. Type your area or program of interest 
  2. Hit the arrow to the left of the desired program 
  3. See the universities that offer seamless transfer plans for that degree 
  4. Click “View” to see the transfer pathway for that degree 

You can also visit TCC’s Transfer planning page  to plan out your transfer journey.