The Tulsa Higher Education Consortium is committed to advancing student learning, improving student success and degree completion, achieving equity in outcomes, and meeting workforce needs by working collaboratively to increase higher education opportunities in the region. 


The Tulsa Higher Education Consortium is designed to extend, deepen, and institutionalize that transformative work to enhance student success, baccalaureate attainment rates, and greater equity and opportunities for all Tulsa-area residents. 


Successful Learning is Essential- Member institutions recognize that nothing is more important than the development of student knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors throughout an educational experience. 

All About End Goals- Member institutions encourage students to set ambitious academic and career goals and, in partnership, provide pathways to facilitate the achievement of those goals. 

For All Students- Member institutions are committed to identifying and sharing resources and strategies that ensure equity in outcomes for all students. 

Focused on the Student Experience- Member institutions engage faculty and staff to create a supportive learning culture that prioritizes students’ sense of belonging, respects student voices, and builds community. 

Working Together to Make it Happen- Member institutions serve the Tulsa region with a commitment to collaboration, communication, continuous improvement, shared responsibility in decision-making, and creation of new opportunities for higher education in the region.