The Tulsa Higher Education Consortium (THE Consortium) and Young People of the Next Generation (YPNG) announce the integration of YPNG’s programming into THE Consortium’s outreach offerings. This merger enhances support for future college students and strengthens connections between Tulsa-area high schools and colleges, promoting local degree attainment and workforce retention.

Dr. Laura Latta, Executive Director of THE Consortium, expressed enthusiasm about the integration, stating, “Young People of the Next Generation has been an asset to the Tulsa community, and we are excited to incorporate their programming into our outreach efforts spanning across Northeast Oklahoma. This will allow THE Consortium to increase higher education resources, FAFSA, and Oklahoma’s Promise application support for Tulsa-area students.”

YPNG has been a long-time partner of Tulsa Public Schools by providing valuable resources such as mentoring, career guidance, and higher education financial information.  By integrating YPNG’s programming into its outreach efforts, THE Consortium will expand its reach and provide more comprehensive support to Tulsa students navigating the path to higher education.

Bill Langdon, YPNG’s Founder, said “the integration of our successful programs will let us more effectively address the urgent need to increase the percentage of area high school graduates who get a postsecondary education.” Langdon also emphasized the importance of having a more educated workforce to “compete in the rapidly changing economy as the adoption of AI and robotics is projected to reduce the percentage of jobs available to high school graduates from 50% today to 25% by 2030.” By combining resources and expertise, both organizations aim to create a more seamless and supportive pathway for students transitioning from high school to college.

THE Consortium is a collaboration of nine colleges and universities and seven civic, business, and philanthropic groups, dedicated to supporting student success and degree completion in Northeast Oklahoma. THE Consortium’s member institutions include College of the Muscogee Nation, Langston University, Northeastern State University, OSU-Tulsa, OU-Tulsa, Rogers State University, Tulsa Community College, the University of Tulsa, and Southern Nazarene University- Tulsa.

By connecting institutions and community partners, THE Consortium institutions aim to increase degree attainment rates, support workforce development, and contribute to the region’s economic growth. THE Consortium focuses on initiatives such as facilitating seamless transfer between institutions, providing resources for college affordability, and promoting the value of higher education.

For more information about the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium and its expanded programming through the integration of Young People of the Next Generation, please visit