Southern Nazarene University – Tulsa Campus will join the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium (THE Consortium), a collaboration of higher education institutions in the Tulsa-area. THE Consortium aims to promote student success and degree completion across Northeast Oklahoma. SNU-Tulsa will join Langston University, Northeastern State University, OU-Tulsa, OSU-Tulsa, Rogers State University, Tulsa Community College, the University of Tulsa and seven affiliate members in these initiatives. “The board of the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium was unanimous in naming Southern Nazarene University as our eighth institutional member,” said Dr. Laura Latta, executive director of THE Consortium, “We are proud to include SNU-Tulsa in THE Consortium as we continue to increase higher education opportunities in the region.” 

SNU-Tulsa has been a part of the Tulsa higher education community since 1990, and has a long history of serving transfer students, veteran learners, and their families. SNU-Tulsa has a well-established system of utilizing experiential learning for university credit, adding meaning and relevance to learners’ educational transformation. “SNU-Tulsa is looking forward to partnering with the innovative and distinguished group of educators and leaders in the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium. The opportunities for all learners to participate in education’s liberating force is mightily strengthened by the Consortium’s work and our institutional collaborations,” said Dr. Anne GhostBear, director of SNU’s Tulsa Campus. 

THE Consortium was formed in 2020 by the leadership of founding institutions. Membership benefits of the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium include participation in cross-institutional collaboration, streamlining degree pathways for students, engaging in professional development offerings across all institutions, sharing research and best  practices, and connecting with high school students, adult learners, and businesses in the Northeast Oklahoma area. THE Consortium provides a one-stop-shop to learn more about member institutions, scholarships, and more on their website at