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“On Wednesday, November 9th, the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium will host an annual Fall Convening at the University of Tulsa for its member institutions, local educators, and Tulsa-area business and industry leaders. Attendees will collaborate and share innovative ideas for supporting Tulsa-area college and university students. Speakers at the event include Rebecka Peterson, Oklahoma’s 2022 Teacher of the Year, George Justice, Provost for the University of Tulsa, and a keynote address from Leonelle Thompson of Williams. Other highlights include a student panel of Tulsa-area students and graduates and time to collaborate and connect with professionals who are working to support students on their journeys to degree completion and beyond.

“The University of Tulsa supports the work of the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium and, as such, gladly hosts the Fall Convening. We recognize the benefits that will come to Tulsa and the region as more students have the opportunity to complete a college degree by leveraging the variety of exceptional institutions and programs available to them locally,” said Brad Carson, President of the University of Tulsa.

The Tulsa Higher Education Consortium is a collaboration of seven Tulsa-area higher education institutions including Langston University, Northeastern State University, OSU-Tulsa, OU-Tulsa, Rogers State University, Tulsa Community College, and the University of Tulsa, and seven affiliate organizations. “The Tulsa Higher Education Consortium is a direct result of collaboration between Tulsa-area institutions, business, industry, civic and philanthropic groups across our city.  This work has increased accessibility of information related to higher education leading to an increase of bachelor’s degrees in our region,” says Dr. Laura Latta, Executive Director of the Consortium.

Founded in 2021, Tulsa Higher Education Consortium is committed to advancing student learning, improving student success and degree completion, achieving equity in outcomes, and meeting workforce needs by collaborating to increase higher education opportunities in the region. The Tulsa Higher Education Consortium is made possible through the support of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies.

The upcoming Convening will be the third and largest Convening hosted by the Consortium. For more information about the Consortium and its upcoming events, go to