By Brian Cain 

Postsecondary Fellow for the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium 

On Monday, June 28, 2022, the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium celebrated its one year anniversary! The event, hosted both in-person and virtual, was attended by some of the biggest supporters of higher education in our city, including institution executives, philanthropic and city leaders, and college faculty and staff.

Speakers at the event included Allison D. Garrett, Chancellor of the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education, Dr. Pamela Fly, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at Northeastern State University, and Michael DuPont, Interim Director Tulsa Grantmaking at Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies. Joining remotely was John Gardner, co-founder of the Gardner Institute and long-time proponent of higher education and transfer student focused initiatives and research. John Gardner lauded the Consortium’s work and affirmed that despite being a young organization, it has already caught the attention of national institutes and higher education leaders across the country including the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students and the Association for Collaborative Leadership.

If the encouraging words of the attendees are at all indicative of the direction that the Consortium is heading, then this last year was only a glimpse of what the Consortium will soon accomplish. Moving forward, the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium plans to host regular professional development offerings, expand into K-12 partnerships, and continue to facilitate seamless student pathways throughout the Tulsa region. 

Watch the Recording of the Consortium’s First Anniversary Celebration

Dr. Laura Latta, founding Executive Director of the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium, highlights milestones from the Consortium’s first year.

Dr. Pam Fly kicked off the Consortium’s first anniversary celebration.

Higher education leaders, board members, presidents, and collaborative partners attended the celebration.